The Clearest Choice


Face ID 5

Face ID 5 series is the latest face and palm verification terminal that has been upgraded with the ultimate light-proof function. Users can now benefit from the advanced optical technology which is designated especially to address customers’ previous concerns and facilitate the detection process from all light sources. Invest in a device with varieties of proven features while obtaining high efficiency and accuracy of identity verification. Choose Face ID 5 series , the clearest choice of face recognition system around.

Kadex Series


Kadex是支持感應卡ID、五位數密碼,或結合這兩種方式的 門禁和考勤讀卡器系統。整個Kadex系列包括Kadex、Kadex的簡化版本m-Kadex(不含液晶螢幕、鍵盤),以及讀 卡從機i-Kadex和k-Kadex。無論是Kadex或m-Kadex與出 口讀卡從機結合,偏好兼備現代風格的傳統打卡制的用戶, 都得以使用具有成本效益的完善門禁系統。