Fly Easy Shot 自拍神器小貼士——安裝iOS7的注意事項

第一次在iOS7或以上系統安裝Easy Shot APP時,程式會詢問用戶是否容許Easy Shot 程式使用麥克風,照片和Facebook賬戶。用戶需一一選擇“yes”;如果用戶第一次選擇了“no” ,就需要手動到設定開啟容許程式使用麥克風及照片,讓Easy Shot正常運作。

Important note for APP installation on iOS 7

For Easy Shot APP first time installation on iOS 7 or above, iOS will ask for a permission of use for the microphone and photo album, and facebook account. Please allow them all so as to enable Easy Shot’s function can work properly. If you find Easy Shot cannot work properly, please check and enable them on phone’s “Settings”.