Acoustic Research CAS Package

  • Acoustic Research High Fidelity Hi-Res USB DAC
  • Acoustic Research Silver Plated USB Cable
  • Q.Acoustics BT3 Speakers
  • Simply purchase the RCA-RCA 6N-OCC Cable just $1335

Acoustic Research Silver Plated USB Cable for HD USB DAC

The AR AC5UA USB cable is the essential upgrade for Computer-As-Source (CAS) USB audio devices. The choice of material and cable geometry design ensure improved signal transfer. The advanced shielding and insulation design provide enhanced immunity to noise and interference. The improvement in both data and power transmission are essential in unleashing the true potential of the high fidelity Hi-Res audio.

Acoustic Research UA1 Hi-Fi級高清USB DAC

Acoustic Research UA1的尺寸規格為82 x 135 x 24毫米,有效地提升PC或MAC之音樂播放質素,以應付高解析Hi-Res音樂的需要。Acoustic Research UA1的組件均為頂級配備,能充分釋放高解析Hi-Res音樂的潛能,帶來真正的發燒體驗。

  • 雙晶振異步USB音響2.0界面
  • 採用以Burr-Brown PCM1794A旗艦D/A為基礎的Acoustic Research M-Class音響引擎,釋放Hi-Res音源之真正潛力
  • 內置400+400mW電流回饋式耳擴,另備有黃銅鑄造之發燒級鍍金RCA輸出界面
  • 採用USB供電設計,連接簡便,支持流動電腦應用
  • 附送PC及MAC平台之發燒級音樂播放軟件, 輕鬆播放FLAC、DSD64、DSD128及DXD等Hi-Res檔案
  • 尺吋規格:82 x 135 x 24 mm

Acoustic Research SW80


High fidelity APT-X Bluetooth Audio with easy-to-use NFC pairing High efficiency 2.5” full range speaker driver Tuned passive radiator for enhanced bass response Duo pairing for two Bluetooth devices Powerful 20W RMS output (10W RMS x 2) Built-in battery for portable use Accessories (USB Charging cable, Line in Cable, power adaptor, carry pouch)


Acoustic Research S70N

善用智能手機或平板電腦內置的藍牙無線技術,盡享無線傳輸音樂至播放器的便利,擺脫線材對距離及使用環境的侷限;實心大造的喇叭音箱展現 20W 的高質 AR 音效,讓人沉醉於強勁雄厚豐富兼具穿透力的完美音色。新增的 NFC 功能簡化了手提裝置與播放系統的配對程序,輕鬆一觸便可立即享受所喜愛的音樂。

Acoustic Research 6N-OCC Cable

  • 3.5mm-RCA 6N-OCC Cable
  • 3.5mm-RCA Helix Rectangular 6N-OCC Cable
  • RCA-RCA 6N-OCC Cable
  • RCA-RCA Helix Rectangular 6N-OCC Cable
  • USB Cable – 1M

Acoustic Research HDMI Cable 3