Pringo P232 Sticker

  • Using the electrostatic principle adhesive, it is more suitable for use on a smooth surface of the object
  • Photo Paper for60 images
  • Ribbon Catridge x 2
  • Print size: 2R(54 x 86 mm)


Prinhome consumables


  • Ribbon Cartridge and Photo Paper for 60 images
  • containing 60 4 “x 6″ boundless full version of the paper and ribbon cartridge YMCO
  • Sublimation printing supplies exclusive formula
  • unique protective film can make your photos water repellent, anti-UV and anti-fingerprint


  • Support printing from Prinfan cloud, memory card, USB storage, PCs, and wireless printing from mobile device.
  • Smart NFC function allows one-touch instant connection.
  • Filter, frame and collage functions available on Prinhome app for both Android & iOS.
  • Dye-sublimation technology reproduces natural color and real skin tone with long-lasting, waterproof, fingerprint-proof, and anti-UV photos.
  • 47 sec per print, up to 60 prints per ribbon cassette.


Pringo P232 Consumables


  • Uses dye-sublimation technology, photo waterproof, do not fade, not contaminated with fingerprints
  • Photo Paper for108 images
  • Ribbon Catridge x 3
  • Print size: 2R(54 x 86 mm)
  • Exclusive metallic color printing

Pringo P232

  • Rechargeable high capacity battery, up to 50 images per charge!! also support USB portable power bank
  • Dye-sub technology, superb print quality, high color saturation, water proof, UV resistance, fingerprint proof, and unfading.
  • Exclusive metallic layer helps you turn your snapshots into beautiful, splendid images.


HITI CS-200e CardPrinter

  • 輕巧體型 證卡印製可靠簡單
  • 多樣化模組選擇 支援各式卡片印製
  • 功能靈活 高速高印量


  • Compact size
  • Outstanding Printout Quality
  • Remarkable Printing Speed & Reliability
  • Extra Options on Image Size
  • Aordable Price


The iUSBportCAMERA2 is designed to fit within the accessory shoe of a DSLR and also incorporates a 1/4″-20 tripod mount for additional attachment options. Two USB ports are available to enable wireless streaming of movies, photos, music, and documents from a connected hard drive to mobile devices, and a microSD card slot can also be used for remote saving. A backlit LCD screen displays the devices mode and an integrated 3300mAh battery alleviates the need for an external power source, while also doubling as a backup power solution for connected mobile devices.

  • Two USB ports
  • A microSD card slot
  • A backlit LCD screen
  • Battery: 3300mAH

Pringo Gift Box

Pringo 的無線相片打印機迎合了因智慧型流動電子產品的普及,所帶動的消費性行動影像的娛樂市場。

  • Dye Sublimation 打印技術
  • 銀色打印
  • 防指紋
  • 防水
  • 抗紫外線
  • Pringo Gift Box included :Leather case, Photo Album, Photo Stand and only one pack of paper included.


HITI P110S數位行動相片印表機總重量只有2.2公斤,輕巧設計,時尚外型,專為專業攝影師打造,定點列印,行動即拍即印一機完成

  • 單機操作,不需電腦即可透過LCD彩色液晶螢幕輕鬆列印
  • 提供證件相,自訂邊框等專業應應用,讓你更方便,更自由地隨時列印
  • 可選購專用攜行袋,加上只有僅僅約2.2公斤的P110S,令你可以隨身列印,無需忍耐
  • 使用熱昇華技術,提供高質量的相片打印效果


HITI P520L 數位行動相片印表機提供高速打印,最快約12秒一張,使用熱昇華高質量打印技術,大量列印絕無難度

  • 高速列印滿足各種活動場合及創意攝影
  • 容量升級,列印再多也不怕
  • 支援多國語言顯示
  • 即時升級無線列印
  • 方正造型便利運輸


HITI P720L以提高正常運作時間,縮短輸出時間且適用於多種應用情境為主要原則,而HITI P720L更提供了一個低價錢,高擴展性及高效能的相片輸出

  • 使用捲筒式送紙機制,相片輸出最快僅需7.9秒
  • 每捲耗材可印1000張,讓你省去經常更換耗材的時間,工作更有效率
  • 配合HITI Picvite Suite軟件,即使是大型相片沖印,仍能輕鬆處理

HITI P510S Consumable

  • 4×6”
  • 660 images per case
  • Ribbon (330 sheets / roll) x 2
  • Paper (330 sheets / roll) x 2

HITI P520L Consumable

  • 4×6”
  • 1000 images per case
  • Ribbon (500 sheets / roll) x 2
  • Paper (500 sheets / roll) x 2

HITI P720L Consumable

  • 4×6”
  • 2000 images per case
  • Ribbon (1000 sheets / roll) x 2
  • Paper (1000 sheets / roll) x 2

HITI P910 Consumable

  • 8×10”
  • 240 images per case
  • Ribbon (120 sheets / roll) x 2
  • Paper (120sheets / roll) x 2

Pringo WiFi portable printer + P30 Prints Photo Pack

Pringo 的無線相片打印機迎合了因智慧型流動電子產品的普及,所帶動的消費性行動影像的娛樂市場。


Pringo 無線流動相片打印機 專用電池轉接器

  • 輸入 100 -240V 50-60Hz 55-80VA 0.9A
  • 輸出 DC 9V 3.33A

Pringo 無線流動相片打印機 專用充電池

  • 電壓 7.4V
  • 容量 550 mAh


  • Stick anywhere
  • Photo Paper for 30 images
  • Ribbon Catridge x 3
  • Print size: 2R(54 x 86 mm)

Pringo 無線流動相片打印機 專用 P30 相紙列印包

  • 專用色帶連組件3套
  • 30 張專用相紙