The Clearest Choice

Since 2000, it began with a forward-looking belief that for the time fingerprint technology, which was still the mainstream government application, was decentralized to the popular, low-cost and general-purpose commercial market. In the research and development, the main purpose is to improve the core algorithm of fingerprint recognition and matching, the practicability of the product and the user-friendly interface; the summary is to allow the brand to take off without worries before the product is officially released on the market. In the first five years of this period, FingerTec has obtained three international scientific and technological standards as technical approvals.

       The plan in 2005, FingerTec launched the second five-year plan, that is, the plan to develop the global market as the main axis. The benefits of this plan are amazing, allowing FingerTec to emerge as a world-renowned brand in a short period of time. As a result, the FingerTec brand took off, doubled each year, and successfully exported its products to more than 100 countries. At the global market level, FingerTec’s third five-year plan will be expanded in 2010, with market and technological transformation as the main orientation. This includes taking a straight line and a more professional and comprehensive route in the access control system solution, and taking the direction of cloud computing in the time and attendance system. In addition, the Android platform and face and meridian recognition have also become part of the technology transformation plan to strengthen FingerTec’s product line. A high-tech revolution has turned unattainable technology into a product within reach, and has become a new benchmark for biometric developers.